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My 3 Day Crude Juice Cleanse

September 30th, 2014

Health & Lifestyle

My 3 Day Crude Juice Cleanse

September 30, 2014

The week was coming to an end and I really felt like I needed to flood my body with some goodness. As I was heading out of London to stay with my parents for the weekend. I thought that it was the perfect time to do a 3 day juice cleanse. Away from the stress of London and allow myself time to relax and nourish my body.

The reasons behind my cleanse

For me the reason I chose to do the cleanse was to give my digestion a break. It had been a little off lately and I wanted for this to get back on track. Before I would have done a cleanse as another weight loss method. Coming from a place of self punishment.

I am in a completely different headspace now. I approached the cleanse as a way to show my body some love. To let it rest and repair. Also for me to become more mindful of how I eat and if I had any addictions to certain foods that I wasn’t aware of. When starting the cleanse I was hoping for better energy, clearer skin and to feel lighter, both mentally and physically.

What is Crude Juice

Crude Juice is a fantastic cold pressed juice company located in London. Crude offers a wide range of yummy juices. Ranging from green juices, to pineapple and beet juices. As well as their mouth watering mylks. Choco maca mylk anyone πŸ™‚

Crude offers 3 types of cleanses for you to try out depending on what level cleanse you wish to choose.

Level 1: The Easy Cleanse Box
Level 2: Crude Cleanse Box
Level 3: Greens Cleanse Box

The duration of the cleanse is up to you. Wether you choose a 1 day, 3 day or 6 day cleanse. Crude can offer you what you need.

I chose to give the 3 day Greens Cleanse a go. I know what was I thinking, am I mad? But I was excited to start the cleanse. I was ready for the challenge. But I advise you to choose the cleanse which suits you. Everyone is different. So choose what feels right for you.

Day 1


My juices arrived in the morning and I was excited to get started. I tucked into the ‘Green One’ which is packed full of the good stuff and it was absolutely delicious. Throughout my day I made my way through the juices, alternating between the ‘Green One’ and the ‘Green Light’ which is a bit sweeter than the other. I woke up quite late so I only managed to get through 5 of the juices throughout the day.

My Energy levels were stable throughout the day.

My Hunger levels were fine. The juice filled me up and I had no major cravings.

My Mood overall was great but I did find I got a bit irritable at times.

My Exercise consisted of walking the dog for about 30 minutes. I made sure I allowed myself the time to rest while I was cleansing.

My Sleep that night wasn’t so good. I found it hard to get to sleep and kept tossing a turning.

Overall I found the day went quickly and I was enjoying trying something new.

Day 2

IMG_8417After a bad nights sleep I was feeling a bit cranky. My motivation had wavered a bit but I was still determined to carry on. I found it hard when my family sat down for a nice Sunday lunch and I couldn’t join in. Sunday lunches are my favourite. But I just reminded myself of why I was doing the cleanse and how good I was going to feel after I had finished it.

My Energy levels were pretty low throughout the 2nd day. Maybe it was due to the lack of sleep and my body adapting to living off the juices. My level of concentration definitely went up and down throughout the day as well.

My Hunger levels were higher than the first day. I was missing food and the pleasure you get from eating a yummy meal.

My Mood went up and down throughout the day. I went from being happy and relaxed to irritable and snappy. It is typical to experience a range of emotions during a cleanse. It is only natural. So I just kept moving forward.

My Exercise consisted of walking the dog again for about 30 minutes. The rest of the day was spent doing a bit of work, relaxing with my family and travelling back to London.

My Sleep again wasn’t great. I ended up eating some carrot sticks as I was finding it hard to fall asleep. As soon as I had a munch on the carrots I feel fast asleep.

Overall I found the 2nd day tougher than the first day and was really looking forward to finishing the cleanse. Doing the cleanse has made me realise how much I love food and how much I need it to go about my everyday life.

Day 3

Crude Juice Greens Cleanse

Crude Juice Greens Cleanse

I woke up on Monday morning with a busy day ahead of me. I realised doing the 3rd day of the juice cleanse just wasn’t going to work for me. London is a fast paced city and I needed all the energy I could get to handle it. Doing a cleanse over the weekend worked for me. Not when I am busy and working all day. So I ended up having a bowl of gluten free porridge with almond milk topped with a few nuts and seeds for breakfast. I felt full very quickly so didn’t end up finishing it. I had a juice mid morning and lunch was a bit of raw sashimi with a side salad of quinoa and edamame beans. Very light and gentle to ease me back onto solid foods. Mid afternoon I had another juice and for supper it was having dinner with a friend so ended up at Wagamamas where I had salmon with brown rice and bok choy. It was delicious but felt full pretty quickly.

My Energy levels  were strong throughout the day. The mix of clean light foods and juices worked really well for me. My concentration levels were also much better than they have been in a while.

My Hunger levels were great throughout the whole day. I felt satisfied and became full on less food than I normally would eat prior to the cleanse. Opting for juices in between my main meals felt great too.

My Mood was positive. I felt brighter than I did before the cleanse. much happier and less stressed. I felt like a new women.

My Exercise for the day consisted of cycling for around 30mins to get to places in London as well as the general travelling around on tubes. Also I was standing for a good 5 hours for a work thing.

My Sleep was great. I fell asleep so quickly and stayed asleep until I woke up nice and early. I bounced out of bed full of energy.

Overall after the 3rd day I felt better than I have for a long time. It is so important when finishing a cleanse to easy yourself back into eating and that is what I did. I was mindful and really in tune with my hunger levels.

I finished the cleanse with:

– Better digestion
– Clearer skin
– An increase in energy
– A feeling of lightness
– An appreciation for my body
– A more mindful relationship to food

I am so glad I did the cleanse. The 2 days worked well for me and then the 3rd day easing myself back into eating. Again choose the cleanse that is right for you. Listen to your body. respect your body.

Check out for more info on the cleanses they offer.

I am going to write a blog post about what I learnt from doing my cleanse. I will also share a few tips that will help you if you do choose to do a cleanse yourself. So check back soon for that post.
Have you ever done a cleanse before? How did you find it?

All my love,



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