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Three Steps You Should Take After You Have Overindulged

My “Three steps you should take when you have overindulged” article is now up on Lottie’s blog. Put these steps into practise to help you move on from an overindulgent day and help get you back on a healthy track. Don’t let an...

June 3rd, 2014


The Good Grain Guide Feature

Active In Style got in contact with me recently to share my view on the grains that we should be including in our diets and ones that we should be avoiding. Head on over to Active in Style to read all the juicy details. You can find the article HERE....

May 14th, 2014

Health & Lifestyle, Nutrition, Things I Love

Get slim, sexy and energised with Matcha Green Tea

What is Matcha? Matcha is a very concentrated form of green tea which is 100% natural and has been grounded into a fine powder. When you normally drink green tea you throw away the leaves so you are only getting a small dose of nutrients but with Matcha...

April 7th, 2014


Meet your new friend: Apple Cider Vinegar

If you want to lose weight, de bloat or improve your digestion you should give Apple Cider Vinegar a try. ACV has been talked about a lot recently in the health world so I thought I would share with you what I have found out and what benefits it could...

August 6th, 2013


The Superfood Maca

There are many superfoods that everyone should know about, Maca being one of them. What is Maca? Maca is a root grown in the Andes mountains in Peru. The root is dried and made into a powder. Maca powder is known for its energy boosting and hormone stabilising...

June 25th, 2013