Your 5 step plan to end emotional eating

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“Lydia has created a fail-safe and clear guide to healing your relationship with food and yourself. Her personal stories are relatable and really highlight the positive changes that happen when we commit to ourselves and taking the steps she suggests. I wish I had read this when I was struggling with my relationship with food and compulsive eating.”

Fran Maspero
My Goodness Me

"This e-book is so incredible! Lydia has poured her heart and soul into her work and the result is jam packed with information, personal stories and of course actionable steps to help you heal your relationship with food. I can identify with so much of this having struggled with using food to manage my emotions for a long time and reading Lydia's guide has really clarified what steps I need to take to create a loving, respectful and mindful connection with my body. Thank you my lovely for creating such a useful resource!"

Ariadne Kapsali
Yoga and Other Stories