Hello, I’m Lydia,

As an Eating Psychology Coach

and Certified Health Coach

I am here to help you heal

your relationship with food so

you can start loving your body.

Are you ready?


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  • Laura Cawthorne - PR & EVENTS

    I now feel at peace and I have freed up so much thinking space! I don't stress about food or my weight as much, I naturally make healthier decisions and as a result I am losing weight.

  • Ely Edwards - Chief Operating Officer

    Lydia has helped me bring balance back in to my life, namely in my approach to food but also to exercise and my social life. 3 months later I am more confident in my social life, I am less daunted by food and I feel that I have sprung to life.

  • Holly Cameron - SINGER

    Lydia has completely changed my life! I now see food as fuel, not as my friend! I feel like habits have been broken and new ones reformed.